An underwater adventure by Dennis.



Dennis has been drawing and playing around with design as long as he can remember. Enough so that every year on his birthday, paper and pencils were the only thing his family could think of to give as presents. When he was 14, he discovered the magic power of GIFs. It kept him awake at night, because his mind exploded with the possibilities of frame by frame animation. He went to a Design & Graphics school in Rotterdam, proceeded by an internship and the start of his career at a small studio. Eventually, he left the studio to freelance which allowed him the freedom to begin exploring and directing his own films.

At heart, Dennis is still the same child he was with his paper and pencils, or staying up late coming up with clever new animations. Design and illustrations are a leading aspect of his work, however, the concept and vehicle has come to hold equal importance. There is a whimsical simplicity to his animation and directorial style, always with a goal to create a positive catalyst in the viewer's state of mind. "I like art, whether it's moving or not. I love to play around with bold lines, minimalist shapes and soothing color patterns. Keeping it simple, yet effective and fun to watch,” Dennis articulates. "In general I love to work with visual metaphors using abstract elements, tangible objects or wide sceneries. Additionally, because the whole world is getting more digital every day, I like to have some sort of analog feel to my work, whether it's incorporated in the visuals or the music and sound design. It all makes it a bit warmer and tangible for the audience.”