This is actually the fourth and final part in a series of films commissioned by Dolby Labs for their amazing gallery space in San Francisco. Gabe Askew has long collaborated with the musician duo Hays + Ryan Holladay who were responsible for putting the series together. They leveraged the new Dolby Atmos technology to create a beautiful and embracing soundscape while Gabe tried to wrap his head around the massive 9920x720 resolution display. The theme of the series was memory. Drawing from the writings of Ray Kurzweil, Gabe created a visual metaphor for the physical act of how the brain receives a stimulus, breaks it down into elements, stores it via pattern receptors in the cerebral cortex, and then recalls it. The specific memory represented in the film is the birth of his daughter, Lily.



Director Gabe Askew used to spend his days running the family cactus nursery and his nights painting, drawing and teaching himself Photoshop. When his farm starting losing money during the recession, he began working on personal project Two Weeks — a fan video for indie rock band Grizzly Bear. When the film hit the web in August of 2009, the response was tremendous.

Gabe's creative use of multiple animation styles throughout the music video, combined with a fractal zoom camera approach and visually stunning stop motion, stole the hearts of industry critics and admirers alike, and set a sterling precedent for his career.

He has since directed a variety of short form and commercial projects, including an intricately designed PSA for the Columbia Water Center, a music video for artist Bluebrain’s track Ten by Ten, and a captivating personal project and short film, Goat and Aaron.