David Luepschen collaborated with Art Director/Graphic Designer Janina Sitzmann on this colorful LudoSans Typeface project, blending homespun experimentation with old school appeal.

The project, a collection of GIFs and still imagery, highlights the duo’s shared passion for typography while exploring their joint interest in nontraditional animation.

“I love to explore new ways of creating, and we had been talking for a while about wanting to do a project for the pure joy of creativity,” commented Luepschen.

LudoSans by definition is a handcrafted sans serif typeface. The Strata-Cut method — a form of stop motion invented during the 1920s and 30s by German animator Oskar Fischinger — was used to bring a level of arbitrary playfulness to the process while delivering an experimental composition unique to the approach.

“We both love the simple, raw quality of the Strata-Cut technique and wanted to work on something handmade.” said Luepschen.

Forming the LudoSans typeface out of long, multicolored strands of plasticine, they duo shaved each mold into very thin slices, recording each deduction on camera. Played back sequentially, the typeforms organically evolve, resulting in a high-gloss, low-tech work of art.

“We were excited and surprised with each shot,” said Luepschen. “When we cut a slice off, we never knew what we were going to reveal and it was always something unexpected — a new movement, a different color appearing or disappearing – absolutely mind-boggling!"