Andy Baker and 72andSunny create the hilarious and irreverent film "An Inconvenient Tooth" welcoming a new dawn for toothpaste, Hello.

Our film opens on Toothy, our hero and guide through the murky and questionable world of dental care. With sketchy practices and outdated ingredients, he opens our eyes to the dangers of what we put in our mouths.

Enter Hello, a different kind of toothpaste and touted by Toothy and our cuddly rabbit as the solution to all our worries. With humane processes and natural ingredients, we can brush our teeth and rest easy.



Ever since he can remember, London native Andy Baker has been obsessed with animation. From over-the-top films like Disney’s Fantasia to Sunday morning regulars Tom & Jerry, he was hooked. Having studied Fine Art in his formative years, Andy went on to pursue a degree in illustration and animation from Kingston University, tailoring his approach and finding his niche somewhere in between the two.

Shortly after graduating, Andy - along with some friends - formed multi-disciplinary studio This Is It Collective and started taking on commercial work. Their first collaborative project Viceworld, an energetic title sequence for VICE UK, landed This Is It Collective on the map for up-and-coming animators and gave Andy the support he needed to develop his craft.

Since then, Andy has collaborated with multiple artists and illustrators for clients such as Vans, Warner Brothers, Marmite, Ricard, Adidas & Asics. His character driven work and 2D cel techniques, combined with his use of bold color, liquid transitions and old school animation style make Andy’s range of work completely contemporary while remaining undeniably classic.