Benjy creates a spot inspired by the Japanese tradition of suminagashi, the ancient art of suspending and swirling ink or paint on still water to create marbled designs. Created for the launch of the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 70 Suminagashi sneaker, two paintbrushes dipping into liquid activate the creation of a sneaker whose design is fluid, smooth and infinitely loopable. Music and sound design is by Kenny Kusiak.


Benjy started animating at the age of 11 with a Lego stop motion kit.  Fast forward nearly 20 years, and he has established himself as one of the leading voices in traditional indie animation.  Bold design, fluid motion and unique characters are the hallmarks of Benjy's work — and all of these elements are on display in his 2016 short Power Hungry, which garnered a Vimeo Staff Pick and has screened to international acclaim.  

Fusing his study of animation history at the University of Pennsylvania with a love of Saturday morning cartoons, indie comics, and the Tumblr zeitgeist, Benjy has worked to create an aesthetic that's wildly new, yet deeply rooted in the foundations of classic animation.  

The same dynamic, craft-driven approach to motion and design can be found across Benjy's work, from his live concert visuals for Major Lazer to his idents for the Powerpuff Girls, along with acclaimed work for Converse, Disney and Adult Swim.  Most recently, Benjy brought all of his skills to bear his new spot for Cartoon Network's 25th Anniversary celebration.