Director and designer Clim paired up with Ferran Capo to create a surrealist short film to promote Vuerich’s sunglasses.

Under the concept "Light is the Enemy” the duo explored visual and ambient ways to represent the build up of tension between the protagonist, the eye and the antagonist, the light. The art direction is based on a graphic Memphis design style mixed with a Dadaism influence. Playing with the abstract, impossible and bizarre to intrigue and amuse our viewers, Vuerich is a film inspired by a surrealists view of a world filled with irrational and at times humorous, juxtapositions.


Director and designer Clim specializes in eye-catching, stylish motion graphics and is known best for his effortless and fluid animation style. The Barcelona native touts over seven years of in-depth industry experience. His bold and energetic work is represented in a diverse range of films for clients such as Target, UK retailer Pull & Bear, The Cystic Fibrosis Trust, and enterprise information management company Iron Mountain.

Clim's unique approach not only yields deceptively simple work, but showcases his ability to interpret any kind of script and infuse it with humor and flair.

2018 Platinum Muse Creative - Best TV Ad.
2018 Platinum Muse Creative - Best Film Budget below 3k
2018 Platinum Muse Creative - Best Personal Project
2018 Gold Muse Creative Award - Best Food and Beverage Ad
2017 Vimeo Staff pick
2017 Platinum Muse Creative Award
2017 Gold Muse Creative Award
2015 CSS Design Awards
2014 Young Guns
2014 YCN Professional Award