To help visualize the magic of the movies, acclaimed Toronto agency Zulu Alpha Kilo reached out to Hornet directors Dan & Jason  to collaborate on an engaging cinematic experience for Canadian entertainment house Cineplex. Co Director Hyesung Park along with veteran Hollywood character designer Peter de Sève round out the team.

The story of Lily, a young  girl, and her faithful friend, an endearing snowman,  reminds viewers to see the big picture. The film has been successful online with over 8m YouTube views.  Be sure to check out the Gallery to see the original artwork.





For the past ten years, award-winning duo Dan & Jason have developed numerous animated campaigns, network TV and web series, and critically acclaimed commercial work. Their extensive portfolio, including multiple comedic spots in both the U.S. and U.K., has garnered them industry wide recognition, while their humorous sensibility and diverse skill set has landed them jobs for top global brands.

Dan & Jason have  set up properties at Twentieth Century Fox, Disney, and Nickelodeon as well as a feature animated film through Paramount Pictures. The well versed story tellers have developed original content for a wide variety of platforms, including print (Nickelodeon Comics, The New Yorker), theater (Pilobolus), and digital.

It should also be mentioned that they are undeniably charming, piercingly sharp-witted, wonderfully amiable, positively hilarious, neatly dressed and slightly insane.