In this seasonal film from Emmanuelle & Julien, a young couple, freshly installed in a new neighborhood, inspires a town to brighten their holiday spirit!



Young, emerging directors Emmanuelle & Julien know comedy. Emmanuelle, an incredibly talented character designer, and Julien, an expert 3D artist, first gained massive attention for their university film A La Française. The project — a series of silent gags about the 17th Century French aristocracy, portrayed as stuffy, slightly hedonistic chickens — won a string of awards when it was released in 2012 and was the highlight of numerous festivals that same year.

With the same subtle humor, expression and comedic timing found in their shorts, the duo has also been taking on commercial work, and the ad world has taken notice. They’ve successfully directed two character driven campaigns since joining the Hornet roster and continue to expand their portfolio with intricately designed and witty work.