The Observer Magazine commissioned me to create a cover image to accompany a feature about coping with stressful decision making. The article contains interviews with several notable people including Chesley Sullenberger, the pilot who successfully landed a plane on the Hudson River, and Julia Brothwell, a British Red Cross team leader. For the imagery Kyle referenced a stress game or buzzer game, by bending a metal rod to spell out the word ‘Calm’ which he then attached into a base. Kyle worked with Sara Morris to capture the final image.



Kyle Bean is a UK illustrator, director and set designer. He creates playful, concept-driven imagery for a variety of editorial and commercial projects as well as installations for fashion brands and events. Kyle’s work is usually characterized by a whimsical and meticulous reappropriation of everyday materials and handcrafted techniques which often straddle the boundaries between illustration, sculpture and animation. Kyle particularly enjoys problem solving and developing appropriate and witty solutions to project briefs.

Kyle’s work, be it for Google or Verizon, Kinfolk or the Financial Times, is tactile; constructed by Kyle himself or in collaboration with a team. “We’re so used to seeing things that are created entirely within in a computer,” he says, “My finished work can be quite polished and graphic, but I like that in the creation of something tangible you see the imperfections, how elements are combined, how materials are used. It creates an inherent humor, a story, that we can all relate to.”