Kyle Bean directed this TVC campaign for Land O Lakes to highlight the natural ingredients that go into their spreadable butter. The concept that Kyle developed with the Martin Agency was a simple one - to literally show a dinner setting transform into a beautiful Country landscape, complete with farm pastures, using the always present butter tub as the trigger device. He worked with a team of expert crafts people to create the charming miniature table sized farm-scape which comes to life through the magic of stop motion animation. Drawing parallels with the spreadable nature of the butter itself, the farm pieces glide smoothly over the tabletop and come together like a jigsaw puzzle.



Kyle Bean is a UK illustrator, director and set designer. He creates playful, concept-driven imagery for a variety of editorial and commercial projects as well as installations for fashion brands and events. Kyle’s work is usually characterized by a whimsical and meticulous reappropriation of everyday materials and handcrafted techniques which often straddle the boundaries between illustration, sculpture and animation. Kyle particularly enjoys problem solving and developing appropriate and witty solutions to project briefs.

Kyle’s work, be it for Google or Verizon, Kinfolk or the Financial Times, is tactile; constructed by Kyle himself or in collaboration with a team. “We’re so used to seeing things that are created entirely within in a computer,” he says, “My finished work can be quite polished and graphic, but I like that in the creation of something tangible you see the imperfections, how elements are combined, how materials are used. It creates an inherent humor, a story, that we can all relate to.”