Lernert & Sander captivate again with this clever triptych for Campari, showing viewers that no matter what the circumstance, there is always a way to drink the apéritif in style.

The films propose a puzzling situation for the thirsty hero — how does one drink a Campari cocktail when the glass is turned upside down?

“In the incredible history of past Campari campaigns we felt that the emphasis was placed on making the Campari model elusive and alluring. So, for this project, we wanted to direct the intrigue back to the drink - by turning the drink upside down,” commented Lernert & Sander.

In each episode the cool and collected hero is faced with finding out the solution for turning the upside-down-glass back into its drinking position — and she does, without spilling a drop of Campari of course.

“We partnered up with the wonderful Creative Director Morihiro Harano of Mori Inc Japan who asked us to create this series, and he gave us complete directorial freedom,” added Lernert & Sander. “We’re very proud of this collaboration.”



Based in Amsterdam, Lernert & Sander are known for their wry, frank approach to image making, often using fashion and design to subvert everyday objects and situations. They have produced both still and motion work for a number of international clients, including COS, Brioni, Gilette, Verizon and Campari.

Having begun separately as an individual director and art director, the pair decided that it would be more fun working together and began collaborating on art projects in 2007. Since their first video, Chocolate Bunny, was released later that same year, they've been busy creating commercial works, high-concept art films and installations that encapsulate contemporary art, filmmaking and simple but stunning art direction.

Milano Design Award 2016 Salone del Mobile – Boring Collection
Andy Award Gold 2016, NYC – Campari 
ASVOFF 2015 – Foot Models / 3.1 Phillip Lim
YCN Professional Awards 2015 – The Sound of Cos
British Arrows 2015 – The Sound of Cos
ASVOFF 2014 – The Sound of COS
MadridFFF 2014 – The Sound of COS
Clio Award 2014 – Needle & Thread
Red Dot Award 2013 – Website Viktor & Rolf
ASVOFF 2012 – Needle & Thread
ASVOFF 2011 – Fantastic Spins
Dutch Design Award 2011 – Elektrotechnique

Selected exhibitions
2014 Still/Life, 3 Shadows Art Centre, Beijing (CH)
2013 Design in Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam (NL)
2013 Colette, Paris (FR)
2013 Still/Life, MAMM, Moscow (RU)
2013 Unilever, Cannes (FR)
2012 Let your hair down, Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam (NL)
2012 Salone Milan, Brioni House, Milan (IT)
2011 Still/Life – Foam, Amsterdam (NL)
2011 Tweede Kamer, Den Haag (NL)
2010 Graphic Design Museum, Breda (NL)
2009 Palais Paradiso, Amsterdam (NL)