Headspace approached Moth once again to create some new content for the promotion of Sleep, a place for restless sleepers to find meditation and music within their app. They produced a hero :60 film and six :15s spots starring a cast of characters all wanting a good night's sleep.

Ever since collaborating on the first Sleep film in 2018, the Headspace team has been working hard on honing their visual identity. Moth worked closely with the San Francisco-based team during the whole process on this series of films, setting the new look in motion for people to enjoy for the first time.

The challenge for this second collaboration was finding a balance between the fun character animation and the soothing feeling that the film needed to communicate. To achieve this, they played around with relatable and strong facial expressions - nothing too cartoony - as well as a good dose of some indoor surrealism. Adding sleepy forest-scapes, magical sparkles, relaxing breezes… all designed to help their characters have a deep and restful sleep.

By adopting the wider and brighter original Headspace palette for busy and illuminated scenes, Moth could transition into a calmer place using the new palette as the characters dozed off into Sleep-land.


Moth is a multi-award winning animation studio formed by Daniel Chester, Dave Prosser and Marie-Margaux Tsakiri-Scanatovits.

Since collectively graduating from the Royal College of Art, they have quickly become renowned for their perceptive, emotive storytelling. Whether it’s examining the looming threat of artificial intelligence, the effects of rainforest deforestation or the plight of refugees, their colorful, hand-drawn animation style and narrative cadence possess a maturity that belies their youth.

Their projects have been screened and awarded in festivals worldwide, including a BAFTA nomination for ‘Matter Fisher’ in 2011, a British Animation award for ‘HIAS: For the Refugee’ in 2016, a D&AD Graphite pencil and Annecy Crystal Award for their New York Times piece ‘Modern Love: A Kiss, Deferred’ in 2016, as well as an ADC Young Gun Award and a YCN Professional Award for their greater portfolio of work.