Parabella's Mikey Please and Dan Ojari created this tasteful story for Twinings Tea, taking viewers on a enchanting adventure from the first refreshing sip of the morning to the final, savory drop.

Inspired by the Golden Era of musicals and multi-plane animation techniques (pioneered by Walt Disney in the 1930s), the spot mixes charming CG with a pinch of pointillism and a nod to David Hockney, creating this feel-good world of Twinings in motion.

Parabella shot 3D models on layered planes, creating a captivating sense of depth and perspective. Using 100,000 tea tags and 50 different paper folding styles, the pair also animated the female hero frame by frame, all in-camera.


An exciting merger of two animation greats, Mikey Please partnered with long time friend and collaborator Dan Ojari in 2014 to form Hornet directing collective Parabella.

A major animating force behind Please’s Marilyn Myller, as well as the 2011 BAFTA winning stop motion film The Eagleman Stag, Ojari is widely known for his own epic short Slow Derek. The film took on the festival circuit in 2012 and screened at Sundance and Cannes Film Festival, among numerous other international heavy hitters.