For the 4th year in a row, Amazon have chosen Hornet Director Peter Sluszka as the creative architect behind their biggest day of the year. This year’s partnership was particularly exciting for Hornet, because Amazon worked directly with Peter from the get-go, not just on execution. After mutually exploring over 30 potential concepts, they eventually landed upon an idea centered around a “Two-Day Parade of Epic Deals”.

The parade that Peter and co. ultimately created is a fun, public procession of Amazon’s product diversity laid out in colorful stop motion. The scenes feature confetti-strewn streets filled with hundreds of originally-designed characters buzzing about in an exposition of all that’s on offer in the Prime Day marketplace—from home goods to electronics to outdoor fun to… Nicolas Cage Mermaid Pillows (yep, those are a real thing sold on Amazon).

Like previous campaigns, the world created is a textured universe made of paper and cardboard. Cardboard was the original material of choice because it played off of Amazon’s shipping boxes. In the animations, when one of these boxes opens up, there’s an entire world that comes spilling out. Everything is paper: the characters are cardboard, the floats and buildings are spruced up with sheets of colored paper, even the “water” very liquidly splashing out of a pool in one scene is paper. At times, these creations are so intricately-designed and detailed, they look almost CG. But, bar one tiny asset at the beginning of the TVC, they’re not.

As Peter says, “Aesthetically, paper craft speaks directly to Amazon’s cardboard box. You get an undeniable tangibility and charm by doing it with actual paper.”



Peter Sluszka, winner of various awards and accolades, may be the most calm and patient director in the business. With strong roots in stop motion, it’s easy to understand why. It also helps that he's gleaned a thing or two from his time working alongside the legendary Michel Gondry.

Peter is a skilled mixed-media director, but above all, he is a clever designer and a fabrication whiz. It's not uncommon to find him fully immersed in a project and getting his hands dirty with set design, fabrication, or even animation.

Having directed original content  animation, commercial productions, music videos, television series and feature films, Peter's portfolio is brimming with live action, CG and stop-motion feats. He’s manipulated everything from traditional foam latex puppets to meat, origami, snow, yarn and (literally) tons of clay.