Director Gabe Askew was asked to create a short film for the Columbia Water Center and the work they are continuing to do throughout the world. His carefully crafted imagery captures the importance of what CWC is doing, leaving us with an insightful understanding of where the problem lies and how we can be a part of making it right.

"It’s easy to see the value of an organization that simply hands out food, but the complexity of Columbia Water Center’s mission is hard to totally comprehend at a glance. So my task was to not only clearly describe that mission, but play on the curiosity of the audience. To draw them in so they can absorb how drastic an impact scientific research and policy involvement is. And ultimately, to make an emotional connection that will call them to action.

"To find that spark of curiosity I traced the history of my own love affair with science. Back through technology, back through high school science classes, all the way back to when I was seven years old. I had a rock collection. I kept said collection in a giant tackle box. When I opened this box there were shelves that folded out mechani­cally, drawers that pulled out, compartments that snapped closed, hidden areas that I would return to over and over to explore my splendid minerals. Like that tackle box, I proposed that we start with a simple looking wooden box. As the lid lifts open, a scene is revealed inside. That scene pulls apart to reveal another below with pockets of color and materials nested in drawers. As the box continues to unfold we dig deeper and deeper into this surreal box. Each layer unfolding into a miniature scene portraying the problems we humans are facing and the solutions CWC brings."
- Gabe Askew