Hornet and DROGA5 came together on this spot for Motorola, creating an animated adventure to promote the brand’s newest phone.

“The idea was to express the exciting features of the new Moto G through a beautifully illustrated metaphorical story,” commented Hornet Director Yves Geleyn. “We pushed the idea one step further by introducing live action into the mix.”

To create the mixed media spot, the team utilized a live set to help create a familiar and tactile scenario before giving way to the 2D hero as she dives into her wanderlust dream world. Projected animation, synced to a motion control turntable, was choreographed with precision to the tabletop as it spun in a clockwise rotation. The live action elements nimbly integrate into the background as the the animated environment transforms between scenes. Clean lines, dynamic imagery and a saturated color palette highlight the phone’s capabilities while a highly graphic yet gentle design scheme guides the overall tone.

“Behind the scenes was pretty technical,” Geleyn conceded. “Creating animation to project onto a surface, but also have it interact with objects on that surface, on a moving, live set, and use physical lighting — that took some figuring out. But the spot itself was light and playful, and it made the idea behind it really cohesive.”



Hornet director Yves Geleyn loves mixing various creative styles, but claims that technique only functions to serve the story. Luckily for Hornet, Yves has a giant toolbox of techniques.

Yves was brought into the world via the love of a German lady and a Frenchman in Reading, England (of all forgotten places), but he always ached for the adventures of a big city. It wasn’t long before Yves packed his bags and left for Paris, where he officially got his start studying graphic design, motion graphics and character development.

Since then, Yves has gone on to direct numerous short films, commercial campaigns and short form content, earning him multiple industry awards and major international recognition. In 2014 he curated multi national art exhibition Motion Factory, les ficelles du monde animé, a showcase of tactile animation technology and traditional craft method for the famed digital arts and modern music center La Gaîté Lyrique in Paris. His work Monster in the Closet — a PSA he directed for States United To Prevent Gun Violence with Grey NYC — sent a good message about safe gun storage with a powerful story. And Yves’ holiday spot for UK retailer John Lewis, The Bear and The Hare, took the festival circuit by storm when it debuted during Christmas 2014, and is still receiving applause from all sides of the industry to this day.

With a repertoire that runs the gamut, Yves makes evocative pieces that focus on the art of storytelling.