Dreamforce is the annual conference held by software giants Salesforce that gathers together a huge community of their customers, partners, employees, and key stakeholders. In 2018, there were 170,000 registered attendees and 400 partner companies. With such a large-scale turnout, one of Salesforce's challenges each year is to create visual content that unifies and excites the Dreamforce audience. For the last three years, they've turned to Hornet director Yves Geleyn to make it happen. With the Dreamforce 2019 edition, Yves worked alongside Zebra NYC and illustrator Paul Rogers Studio to create the opening keynote film, as well as a handful of other animations. In this year’s film, an eclectic cast of characters comes from far and wide, by any and all means necessary, to attend the Dreamforce 2019 event. The animations are fun, upbeat, and totally supportive of Salesforce’s mission and motto of “Blaze Your Trail.”



Hornet director Yves Geleyn is a storyteller, to his core. He possesses not just a wide range of creative styles and techniques, but also a deep devotion to exposing the small truths that make any story worth telling. For him, technique functions to support the story, not the other way around.

Luckily, Yves is a true master of both. He has a giant toolbox of techniques, but his innate instinct for unearthing the finer details is what makes his work so powerful.

Maybe because the details of his own story are so interesting in themselves. Yves was brought into the world by a German mother and a French father. His childhood was defined by a mosaic of moveable homes and travels, growing up in Britain, France, Germany, plus adventures around the world. His world became an empty canvas where he was allowed to funnel his curiosity—arguably his most defining personality trait—into whatever inkblot-shape his passions du jour led him to. He attended rugby school. He attended culinary school. Eventually, he discovered the world of graphic design and motion graphics and fine art.

Yves is a self-admitted perfectionist. From start to finish, he’s hands-on. By intimately knowing everything possible about a subject matter, he’s able to create an almost subterranean story below the main narrative—something not everyone can see at first, but that they can feel in the finished work. And the finished work has a simple, sweet, timeless quality - like poetry.

Over the years, Yves has directed numerous short films and commercial campaigns that have earned him industry awards and major international recognition. His work Monster in the Closet explored the subject of safe gun storage with a powerful and haunting story. His 2014 holiday spot for UK retailer John Lewis, The Bear and The Hare, took the festival circuit by storm and still receives applause from all sides of the industry to this day. His 60-second spot for McDonald’s, Always Working, was aptly indicative of Yves’ quest for perfectionism; he and his team of fifty people spent 12 intensive weeks to bring the spot to life. The 2017 short for Cabrioni was a feel-good tale that showcased Yves’ ability to weave together multiple animation techniques. And his work for Frooti was a testament to his ability to create an entire story from scratch and turn it into a colorful universe all his own, yet relatable to all.